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Our Rooms

Control Room

A former church pulpit, the control room is the brain of the studio. This is where the recording or mixing engineer will do the majority of their work. It also makes for a great-sounding live room.


The Workshop

Rayce does maintenance, repair, and upgrade work on stringed instruments, and maintenance on drums. Guitar setups, pickup installation, fret leveling and polishing, and more are available. Have a guitar you'd like to fix up? Set up an appointment and bring it on by!

The Den

The Den is a 13.5'x11 live room, located adjacent to the control room. This isolation booth is suitable for vocals, drums, live amps, wind instruments, and any other smaller applications that do not require the much larger Ark or Control Room.


The Ark

The Ark is our largest room. At 34'x39', it is suitable for capturing anything from huge drum sounds, full band performances, and even full choirs or orchestras. It is also equipped with a Behringer X32 console and PA system, making it suitable for hosting live performances for small audiences.

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